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NO extra transaction costs will be added to the registration amount of 165€!

  • The men from the PRO wave start together in the water in one line. The ladies from the PRO wave also start a little later together in the water
  • At the 'Rolling start' (both men and women), the athletes gather in the zone provided for this purpose and choose where to take place according to their estimated swimming time. This way they can choose when to start. Signs with estimated swimming times will be clearly marked!


Personal information

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Triathlon license

If you have a valid triathlon license by a federation recognized by the International Triathlon Federation on Sunday, 21 August 2021, please enter your license number below. When you collect your bib number at the secretariat, your triathlon license will be requested and checked.

If your triathlon license is still pending and you have not yet received it, choose the "ON REQUEST" option. If you cannot present a valid triathlon license when you pick up your bib number, you will still have to pay 30€ for a day license!!!

If you do NOT have a valid triathlon license, you must buy a day license (30€). Once registered, the cost of the day license is non-refundable.


Registration is only possible with online payment via Bancontact, VISA or Mastercard!