Sunday 27 August 2023

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  • 1900m

  • 90km

Race information

With this race information we want to inform you to make everything as smooth as possible on race day. Please make sure to check everything. As an organization we focus on security and health for all of our participants, staff members and spectators.

As for the Aquabike you can participate in the following categories:

European Championships for Para - Age groups (ETU per 5 year). Rolling start for all Age groups

Open race for Para - MU23 - FU23 - M24 - F24 - M40 - F40 - M50 - F50 - M60 - F60. You can choose mass start or rolling start when you register online.

Registration fee

European Championship

From 01/12/2022 until 10/07/2023 = €175
(incl. goodie bag, pasta party, Z3r0D product, Compressport T-shirt + socks + wrist band, Compex product, finisher medal, finish photo)

Open race

From 01/09/2022 until 31/01/2023 = €120
From 01/02/2023 until 31/05/2023 = €135
From 01/06/2023 until 31/07/2023 = €150
(incl. goodie bag, Ekoi cap, Compressport T-shirt + socks + wrist band, Compex product, finisher medal, finish photo)

Start list

Below you'll find the start list for each race:

Address / Race office

Address: OC De Steiger - Waalvest 136, 8930 Menen

Transition area

The transition from swimming to cycling will take place on the Vauban artificial turf.

The transition area is only accessible to participants and staff. Cycling is not allowed in the transition area! During the race, the athlete will get on his bike after the mount line.

Participants will leave the transition area with their helmet fastened and chip around their left ankle.

Bicycles will be checked by Technical Officials when entering the transition area. Besides safety, they will also check the specific bicycle regulations.

Showers / Changing rooms

We have changing rooms and showers on the Vauban under the stands! Please don't leave any of your belongings in there. There's a guarded space for this next to the transition area.


The official water temperature will be measured by the officials 1 hour prior to the start of the race on competition. Depending on the measured water temperature the technical delegate will decide concerning the wetsuit use. The decision will be published in the "athlete's lounge" (Para), the LOC race office and the entrance of the transition area.

The wetsuit can only be pulled out completely when you reach the bike in the transition area. During the run towards transition the wetsuit can only be put out till hip height.


Two loops of 45km without drafting, stayering (riding closer than 12m) is not allowed. We hope on your 'fair play' but we have officials on the course to counteract drafting. 12m is the distance between bikes you have to respect. Because the 90km bike ride can be an important part of the race our officials will have a close look.

No personal assistance or supplies are allowed during the bike part!

Be carefully: passage cyclist tunnel (out and back 2x) under the N58! Moderate your speed, don't stay in the aero bars, heads up and keep distance.

Before touching the bike, participants put on their helmets and fasten these. The participants leave the transition area with their helmets securely fastened, numbers on the helmet and on the bike and timing chip on the left ankle. Cycling is not allowed in the transition area. Mount line is part of the transition area!

The police and signalmen look for your safety. The knowledge of the course before the race starts, is the athlete his responsability. Please check everything in advance!

Aid stations


No aid station with supplies


There will be an aid station after the first bike lap. The aid station will be located just after the first passage at the Vauban site.

Available: Drink bottles with isotonic sports drink (BORN) and water. Next to that BORN gels as well.

Just before and just after ever aid station there will be a littering area. The beginning of this area is signed 'Littering area start' and the end is signed 'Littering zone end'. You must throw your empty bottles and gels in the area between these two signs. Outside these areas it's not allowed to drop something, littering is prohibited and means a time penalty in the next penalty box.

Time limits

Swim: max. 1 hour (European Championships) or max. 50 minutes (Open race)
Bike: max. 4 hours (European Championships) or max. 3 hours and 30 minutes (Open race)

Prize money & in-kind prizes

European Championship

All athletes on the podium receive an official ETU medal. That's per age-group men and women: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45,49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 74-79, 80+.

Open Race

We provide prize money for every top-3 per age-group: overall men, overall women, MU23, FU23, M24, F24, M40, F40, M50, F50, M60 and F60.

M-overall F-overall MU23 FU23 M24 F24 M40 F40 M50 F50 M60 F60
€500 €500 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100 €100
€250 €250 €75 €75 €75 €75 €75 €75 €75 €75 €75 €75
€100 €100 €50 €50 €50 €50 €50 €50 €50 €50 €50 €50

Prize money is not cumulative. When you win prize money in different categories, only the highest amount will be payed out and the other one will be cancelled.

The prize money for all podia will be transfered to your account. You will receive an email shortly after the race with extra information.

A Belgian tax payer pays taxes through his tax return on eventual income from sport performances.


We have different parking options for you that are numbered in ascending order.

The car parks numbered P01, P02, P04, P08, P09, P10, P11, P12, P13, P14 and P15 are accessible during the competition!

Parking number P07 is only available on Friday 25 August!

Parking number P11 is only available on Sunday 27 August! The gate will be open between 10AM - 12PM and between 5PM - 7PM.

From the various approach roads, the route to the race venue will be mapped out.


During our race the regulations from the European Triathlon Union apply. The Head Referee (HR) and Technical Officials (TO) are there to handle pro-actively so that the rules are applied and the race can be held safely.

All regulations about checking in, transition, clothing, drafting, code of conduct and possible sanctions are online on the website from World Triathlon:


All participants are insured for physical damage and civil liability. After an accident, a licensed participant must file a report through his or her club or federation. Non-licensed participants should file a report through the organization.

Participants should be insured through their national federation. If not, the athlete in question must purchase a day insurance/day license.

Doping control

Following the WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) doping is not allowed. Every athlete needs to know about the regulations and procedures of the Flemish anti-doping decree. Doping control is possible before and after our race.


European Championship

Unfortunately, we cannot refund registrations fees for the European Championship Aquabike. You can not pass or sell confirmed entries.

Open race

Only cancellations by e-mail to will be accepted. Please send us your account number so we know exactly where to refund your registration fee.

When you cancel your participation before 1 August 2023 we'll refund your registration fee except an administration fee (€10) and the potential day licence.

Athletes who cancel between 1 August 2023 and before 27 August 2023, the registration will be transferred once to the 2024 edition.

The refund of all the registration fees by the organization will happen shortly after the race!

You can not pass or sell confirmed entries.